Bojan Radojcic (RS)

Udstillingsperiode 3. nov - 2. dec 2017

On the 3rd of November, Galerie Pi will host the opening of the solo exhibition by visual artist Bojan Radojcic titled “Hidden Place”. Danish audience may already be familiar with the work of this Belgrade-based artist if they saw one his two previous solo exhibitions in Copenhagen - “Friendship“ in 2012 and “The Boy Who Burned with Desire“ in 2014. The new artwork “Hidden Place” tackles today’s notions of privacy and intimacy. Namely, the availability of personal data that we voluntarily store on social networks, as well as data we are obliged to provide to authorities, blurs the borderline between what is private and what is public - between intimacy and an all-way spectacle. Our urge to access in advance all data about a potential collaborator, client, partner or lover implies that we also consent to depositing our own data in the greedy digitized database. Long-term, this lack of privacy will only increase demand for hidden places. Unfortunately, any possibility to reach a hidden place and escape the control mechanisms will become illusionary.

Bojan Radojcic (*1981, Yugoslavia) is a visual artist based in Belgrade, Serbia. He has been committed to pursuing a career in the arts since the age of eleven. His formative years were most notably marked by the cultural atmosphere of the city of Sabac, where he attended the Cultural Center’s School of Painting and Drawing (1992-96) before continuing at the local School of Applied Arts (1996-2000). In the early 2000s he studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade and graduated in 2004. Since 2001 his work has been publicly shown both in Serbia and abroad (most notably in Greece, Croatia, Denmark and Germany). Beside twelve individual shows so far (2009-16) he also took part in numerous group exhibition projects including Nord Art and Art Copenhagen (due to his ongoing collaboration with Galerie Pi from Copenhagen since 2011). His works make part of private collections in Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Austria and Italy as well as of a public collection in Serbia (Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad). He is a member of ULUS - Association of Visual Artists of Serbia.

Den serbiske kunstner Bojan Radojcic's særegne værker består af store kultegninger, malerier og collager. Værkerne er udført på bogsider, som visualiserer og forskyder den traditionelle opfattelse af bogformen og giver næring til en ukendt historie. Omdrejningspunktet er barndom og opvækst. En verden af lige dele uskyld og moral Transformation fra barnelivet til voksenlivet skildres, som fra et gammelt fotoalbum med en koncentreret stilhed. Bojan Radojcic er født 1981 i Serbien, hvor han bor og arbejder. Uddannet på Kunstakademiet i Beograd 2000-2004.



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