Kristoffer Axén (SE)

With constructed, cinematic, images of muted colours bordering the surreal his work is aimed to bring out a sense of enveloping calmness around a feeling of loss undefined, and consequently of a search. With a personal view of the world, but without attachment to names or specific places, he is reproducing dreamlike stills and leaves the viewer in a vague narrative world that is completely open in it’s possibilities for interpretation. Axén is known for his moody and atmospheric photographs. His dark, nearly monochromatic images of shadowy Flâneurs and mysterious alleyways have undergone a detailed post-production where elements and sometimes entire backgrounds have been removed or re-arranged and where a tonality of shadows and selected highlights are woven together.

Axéns work has been exhibited internationally in solo shows in New York (Munch Gallery) and Copenhagen (Galerie Pi), in a two-person show in Stockholm (Gallery Domeij) and in numerous group shows around the world, notably at Liljevalchs Spring Show in Stockholm, at Aperture Gallery in New York and at Musée de l'Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland. He is part of many private and public collections such as the ICP Collection, Michaelis School of Fine Arts and MONA and he has been published in articles and selections from magazines such as the British Journal of Photography, The New York Times and Vogue Italia.