Kirsten Schauser (DE)

In the 'Eidola' series, the Schauser uses sections of old photos found in her surroundings as reference. Examining the tension between painting and reality, subjects found in the photos are studied (reproduced) in close-up to capture a gleam of the universe. Similar to research.

As subjects, contours and surfaces dissolve, hints of distant memories emerge. Evoking the feeling that something is there and not there at the same time. Focusing on links between figure and ground, representation and abstraction, her last two series explore the relationship between reality and illusion, or reality as illusion and the spectator is invited to become the painting.

Kirsten Schauser f. 1964 har adskillige solo- og gruppeudstillinger bag sig i både ind- og udlandet og er udvalgt til og repræsenteret ved flere kuraterede udstillinger. Schauser er uddannet fra kunstskolen Spektrum og som privat elev hos Henrik B. Andersen. Medlem af BKF.